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September, 28th, 2018 of 4:00 to 5:00 p.m., Kiev time, on this site


Bust of Mao Tsedun

Auction item-
"Bust of Mao Tsedun"

Bronze, made in China

The initial price- 100 $(USA)

Maximal offer - 0$


1.The auction takes place every Last Friday of Month, between the hours of 4:00 and 5:00 p.m., Kiev time.

2.You are more then welcome to send a charity bid notice using a contact form from our website. It is optional to list your last name; however it is mandatory to list your e-mail address for contact. You can also submit a bid over the phone (+38-056)-785-92-75 during the same time. The auction closes precisely at 5:00 o'clock, Kiev time.

3.Auction participant who makes the highest charity bid will be named the owner of the auction item.

4.The amount of the highest bid will be listed below an auctioned item and will be updated during the auction.

5.The winner of an auction will be announced via e-mail, the information will be posted on the website an hour past the completion of an auction charity event. A charity donation (after the confirmation of your victory has been received) could be made using our website's "Privat-24" system (next to the button in the upper right corner "Donate Now" with the "Privat-24" logo in Ukraine version sait) or a major credit card through our secure connection, using the "Donate Now" to the Visa logo. A charity donation for the item won must be made prior to midnight on Monday. When sending a donation bid, feel free to make delivery instructions for your items or send us an e-mail for more detailed information, pertaining the delivery of an item won. The winner will receive a report sixty days after the auction containing data about the distribution of donated funds.

6.You are welcome to make a bid any other day, however in order for your bid to be accepted, a donation in the amount of 15USD has to be made using earlier described methods. This amount will be calculated in your total bid during our Friday auction. Please note: all donations made prior to 4 p.m. Friday are charitable and will not be returned.

7.Charity items were presented by organizations and individuals, specifically for our charity auction with the intention to raise funds, in order to purchase food for our food pantry and our free hot meals establishment, which in turn will allow us to feed our poor and homeless children of Dnepropetrovsk. Thank you for understanding and good luck!


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