We congratulated our childrens today! School accesorises and meals will greet and will make this holiday even better, for sure!
All details and the place were we did this greetings we will reveal after Ukraine's victory. For now we just wish our childrens to have good knowledge, great intelligence and love for Ukraine!!!
Together to victory!!!


We have something to celebrate!!! (21.12.2022)

Finally, by Christmas, we are bought the first generator for the needy!!
We will tell you after the Victory Where we install it, because not only our friends watch the Internet!!!
We are very grateful to our true friends, even from far away Australia, who made this possible.

Low bow to you! Merry Christmass!

Glory to Ukraine!

Despite these trying times, our hope is alive!!!

Our organization is committed to providing support who needs it the most (orphans, unaccompanied minors, and children from broken families).
Utilizing technology in the spheres of banking, internet, and communications allows us to continuously provide support for our most vulnerable citizens, and not jeopardize their health during quarantine.

For more information on our efforts, please contact our volunteers Irina (+380567859275) and Anastasiya (+380984568268).
Stay safe, stay healthy and share the positive thoughts by sharing this message.


From March 16 to April 25, 2020, the reception of citizens by fund employees, a lawyer and a psychologist will be suspended.

Telephone, digital and financial communication channels operate normally.

Thank you for understanding!


We want to say a big thank you to our volunteers, their help is invaluable and noble. Their work is always tangible, and they themselves are almost always invisible and honest people.

Thank you very much and bow to you !!


For more than 4 years, our organization has been raising awareness about helping our four-legged pals.
Today we want to remind you that all dogs and cats in the city of Dnepr must be registered with the special branch of the city's executive offices.

The process includes chipping an animal and, if desired, a free registration on the following website:, which will always allow you to find your pet in Ukraine and abroad.
We hope our tips will be useful to you.

THE SHOW-ON-WATER! (06.03.2019)

As usual, or foundation celebrated our main holiday - Children Protection Day. It was very fun, delicious and sincerely!!!
Delicious food from McDonalds, and shiny-white "Akademic Yangel" motorship, great Dnipro sightseing and, finally, animation team as pirates made this beautifull show on a water for our sponsored children, that was grown without parents.

Happy holiday to you too!!!

News about organization

According to changes in Ukrainian Law "About charity activity and charity organizations" our fund has passed re-registration in State-register of Ukraine in 2016 year.

Fund constituent documents placed on site of Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Document of tax organ about no profitability, of Charity organization "Charity fund Dniprovskij Svitoch" you can see HERE

Extraction from State-register of Ukraine you can also see HERE

The Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17th, 2015)

The Random Acts of Kindness Day, celebrated every year around the world on February 17th, has been recently adopted by many international charities. The holiday first began in the United States, but since then has expanded to the level of worldwide significance and is currently celebrated regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or religious beliefs.

This Day is best known in Western Europe and the United States, where it is traditionally celebrated with charity events such as marathons and includes appearances by celebrities, community leaders and politicians.

Unfortunately, this holiday remains largely unknown in Ukraine. However, a number of organizations and companies attempt to organize various charitable events on this Day. The main thing is that this special Day, as the organizers agree, reminds everyone about the importance of genuine and unconditional kindness.

Celebrating the Day of Knowledge (01/09/2012).

Today at cafe "Pampushka", located in the county center, took place the well-known and traditional celebration “The Day of Knowledge” dedicated to the beginning of a new academic year.

“Dniprovskiy Svitoch” properly prepared for the celebration – delicious autumn fruits and other treats ideally complimented the tables. Tasty beverages, filling hot dishes and salads did not leave anyone indifferent.

More than 50 underprivileged children, stripped off parental care, were invited to participate in the holiday. All of the children are registered with the "Zovtneviy" county center in the city of Dnepropetrvosk.

Animators transformed the cafe into a space ship and entertained the young crowd for the duration of the entire event. The celebration ended with the children receiving backpacks and other school supplies as prizes. As a part of their farewell, animators distributed kinder-surprise treats to every child. Kinder-surprise treats were graciously supplied by one of our sponsors.

The celebration of the happy holiday may be seen below.




First open county wide charity festival of restaraunt ensembles "Play, musician..." (Ocotber 8th, 2012).

Charity organization "Dniprovskiy Svitoch" (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) is proud to announce that on October 7-9, 2012 it will host the First open county wide charity festival "Play, musician..." The festival is geared towards promoting charitable ideals and raising awareness about the charitable work, mission, and contributions of "Dniprovskiy Svitoch." The festival will also focus on collecting donations to further strengthen the work of the children's food pantry, helping homeless children, and incorporating the county musicians into the work of the charity organizations.

The headlining concert will take place on October 8th, 2012 between the hours of 16:00 and 23:00, and the restaurant "Sunrise" will host the event. The restaurant is located on ylica Fuchika, 30, city of Dnepropertrovsk. The event includes the performance by 10 musical ensembles from all over Ukraine. The concert finale will feature the award ceremony for the best performance based on the viewers' choice. The restaurant will continue to offer refreshments and meals during the concert. Photo and video recording will be allowed. The number of invitations is limited. For more information please contact "Dniprovskiy Svitoch" at 056-3755197, 7859275, +38068-2778007 or visit or website




Due to our efforts and efforts of our sponsors, a new cafeteria has been open, which provides homeless children with free hot meals. This new food pantry is hosted by the restaurant "Pampushka" that is located at ulica Chenishevskogo, dom 1 "B". This free cafeteria is open everyday, except for Saturday and Sunday. It is open throughout the day and the food is distributed by the coupons, only for homeless children and students from low-income families. Coupons can be picked up at the main office of "Dniprovskiy Svitoch" or at the social services headquarters of Zovtnev county, city of Dnepropetrovsk. Since the first of May, 2007, on the east side of the city, in the cafe "Zolotiy Bereg" (Donetsk highway) from 7:30 till 9:00 a.m. with also provide hot lunches for homeless and those who simply cannot afford a meal. We are hoping that besides children we will, at some point, able to accommodate, help and feed homeless adults, including those with drug problems. We are willing to, although not always able to, help drug addicts. We refer these individuals to drug rehabs, to help them overcome their addiction. It is sad and disappointing that we are simply unable to help everyone. Right now we are experiencing an even worse problem; our organization is struggling to provide enough food supplies to feed children. Priority right now is given to the youngest ones. We are turning to you for help. Currently there are estimated 100000 homeless children in the country of Ukraine, approximately 3000 in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. Besides running and operating the food pantry, our organization is working on many other multiple projects to better lives of little ones. One of our main projects is building a homeless shelter for all those in need of a roof over their heads. Also, among our goals is help and support to World War II veterans, young artists, scientists, and sports veterans. You can find a more detailed plan of our future actions on our website: We are hoping that you will not remain silent and help us with whatever material and moral support that we plea for.

This is our children!

Charity walk on the boat in honor of Children's Day

The Law of Ukraine

On Charity and Charitable Organizations

Date of Entry into Force:

October 15, 1997

The Law determines general grounds for charity, ensures legal regulation of relations in the society aimed at developing charitable activity, consolidating humanism and charity, guarantees state support for its participants, creates conditions for activity of charitable organizations according to the legislation of Ukraine. The term “charity” shall be understood as voluntary, disinterested endowments of natural persons and legal entities in the form of material, financial, organizational, and other charitable support for beneficiaries, specific forms of which are patronage and sponsorship. Charity and charitable activities shall be carried out on the basis of legality, humanity, common interests, and equal rights of its participants, openness, voluntariness, and self-government. Natural persons and legal entities can engage in charity independently or together with relevant charitable organizations registered according to the procedure established by the legislation.

Foreign citizens, stateless individuals, foreign and international organizations shall have the right to engage in charity and charitable activities on the territory of Ukraine.

Charitable support can be provided to beneficiaries in the form of: - one-time financial, material and other support; - systematical financial, material and other support; - funding for specific target programs; - support on the basis of agreements (contract) on charitable activity; - endowments or permission for free (privileged) use of property objects; - provision of direct support through personal labor, services or transfer of results of personal creative activity; - other forms of charity.

Founders (founder) of a charitable organization can be Ukrainian citizens, foreign citizens, stateless individuals who have reached the age of 18, as well as legal entities regardless of their form of ownership (except for those that are financed by the State Budget). Founders of a charitable organization shall make a decision on establishing a charitable organization, approve its statute (provision), form a body for managing this organization, hear out reports of the supervisory board on overseeing targeted use of funds and property of this charitable organization.

Charitable organizations can be established in the following organizational and legal forms: - member charitable organization; - charitable fund; - charitable institution; - other charitable organizations (foundations, missions, leagues, etc.).

Specific organizational and legal form of charitable organizations shall be determined by their founders (founder).

Charitable organizations shall be established by and act according to a territorial principle and they shall be divided by their status into: - All-Ukrainian charitable organizations that include charitable organizations whose activity covers the entire territory of Ukraine and which have their own offices (departments and representations) in the majority of Ukrainian oblasts; - local charitable organizations that include charitable organizations whose activity covers the territory of a relevant region or an administrative and territorial unit; - international charitable organizations whose activity covers the territory of Ukraine and at least one more country. The territory covered by activities of a charitable organization shall be determined according to its statute (provision). A charitable organization shall gain the rights of a legal entity from the moment of its state registration. State registration of All-Ukrainian and international charitable organizations shall be carried out by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, while local charitable organizations, as well as offices (departments and representations) of All-Ukrainian and international charitable organizations shall be registered by relevant local bodies of executive power. A payment shall be made for state registration of a charitable organization. The amount of such payment is established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, but it cannot exceed three tax-free minimum personal incomes. A charitable organization shall register with tax bodies in the place where it is located within one month from the moment of receiving a certificate on state registration. Data from the register of charitable organizations registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine shall be publicized in official publications. The highest management body of a charitable organization shall be a collegial body (general assembly, convention, conference) that fulfills its powers according to the statute (provision) of such charitable organization. Regulatory and oversight functions shall be entrusted to the supervisory board, whose personal composition shall be determined by founders (founder) of such charitable organization. The executive body of a charitable organization shall be its Board (committee). Members of the executive body of a charitable organization shall earn salary for their activities within this body. The Ukrainian legislation on labor, social security and social insurance shall apply to personnel of a charitable organization.

Assets and funds of charitable organizations shall consist of: - contributions from founders (founder) and other benefactors; - targeted charitable contributions and endowments (charitable grants) provided by natural persons and legal entities in pecuniary and in-kind forms; - revenues from charitable campaigns to raise charitable donations, mass charitable events, charitable lotteries and charitable auctions to sell property and endowments that were provided by benefactors; - profits yielded by deposits and securities, revenues from enterprises and organizations that belong to a charitable organization; - other sources that are not prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine.

A charitable organization shall account funds for economic and charitable activities on separate banking accounts both in the national and in foreign currencies. The procedure for opening and tracking banking accounts of charitable organizations shall be established by the National Bank of Ukraine.

Oversight of activities of charitable organizations, including of how they use assets and funds designated for charitable assistance shall be performed by bodies of executive power in line with their competence.

The volumes and forms of statistical reporting for charitable organizations shall be established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine taking account of specifics of their activities. Summary is prepared by Yaroslav the Wise Institute of Legal Information. © 2002-2004. Yaroslav the Wise Institute of Legal Information.

All rights for the provided information are protected in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

Reference to Yaroslav the Wise Institute of Legal Information is obligatory when making use of these materials. tel/fax (380-44) 254-00-00 e-mail:

Judging by the results of the previous year we would like to tell you about a pleasant partnership we have with the Dnepropetrovsk's chapter of the National Ukrainian female social organization "Diya". Below you will find the list of joint events that took place in 2007, and everyone can judge for themselves of what goals could be reached, if after a goal is, perhaps, a small, but dedicated group of people. To conclude:

1. Clothes purchase for children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, also a new doll theatre show took place at the center.

2. Gifts for 167 children with cerebral palsy living in the boarding school.

3. Trip to the soccer match dedicated in the memory of S. Rachmanova.

4. Charity dinner for kids of Chernobyl (60 people) in McDonald's.

5. Celebrating the day dedicated to Chernobyl(CHAES 32) rescue workers, handicapped received free meals.

6. Twenty five low-income families received school supplies and backpacks for their young students.

7. City center of Zovtnev received help in a form of medical supplies which were distributed among low-income and lonely senior citizens, free flu shots were administered.

8. Free gift subscriptions to newspaper were given to over fifty seniors.

9. Children's band "Diya" were supplied with dress costumes for their competition in the city of Khachovka.

10. For the church festival "Paschalni pispovivi", administered by Vladika Iriney, children were supplied with theological literature.




To get a videosubject for viewing ofHERE (900Kb)

Charity moments

«When they first came here, stuck to very constrainedly – boys did not speak with girls, and nobody showed emotions openly, - so Natalia Bridun describes the little guests of traditional eleemosynary child's morning performance. - Now holidays of schools, and not all our permanent participants were able to come». Natalia tells about a holiday which organized for children from poor families a benevolent fund «Dnepr svitoch». However, appearing in a hall, complete merry voices of children's, we could trust hardly, that boys, with enthusiasm playing with an animator, met first. Sometimes they yell so loudly, whatever I hear, what the director of Fund Natalia Bridun talks about. Now children, dividing by two commands are pigeon «pair» - try to represent hedgehogs. All of it years for ten, and even less.

Three years back the founders of fund set itself the not simple problem: to rescue kids ot the bad influencing of street and show that is on earth people which they are not indifferent. «Our organization is small, but we try to do everything, that in our forces. It seems to me that large companies in Ukraine are not interested in a person such by projects. Therefore among our members will not meet the proprietors of factories», - Natalia continues the story. However much it not at all embarrasses the founders of «Dnepr Svitocha». Majority from them has own business. «And yet conscience», - Natalia adds.

Charity cafe "FANTAZIA"

HappY New Year's!!!On the 4th of January 2008, our charity organization held a massive charity event which took place in the building of the National Circus! With the help of the city and county officials it became possible to invite almost all the children who are in need of attention and care. Circus shows, large volume of gifts and warm speeches from circus performers, charity representatives, and church officials were presented to our little citizens! Happy New Year's, dear friends! Photos from the event can be seen below:

Charity help in Circus

Marina Shevtsova controls all charity transactions

The 2 International local Charity Conference

Dear Friends!

You are invited to take part in a 2 International local Charity Conference. This amazing event runs from 28th through 30th of June 2008 and will be hosted by a charity organization "Dniprovskiy Svitoch" in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

Conference will take place in forest surrounded resort location, in a suburb of Dnipropetrovsk, on the birch of the most ecological river of Europe - Oril.

Event program includes topic speeches such, but not limited to:

1. Charity - a modern phenomenon

2. Goals and problems faced by today's charity movement, and ways to accomplish them.

3. Charity projects, their success, rating of conference submitted projects, winner selection and grant giving ceremony for realization of the winning project.

Also conference program includes: Visit to the village of Petrikivsky art ancient masters, tour to the live museum "Battle for Dnepr" and a night fishing on the exclusive forest lake.

We both understand what our organization faces, in terms of costs, in order for the conference to take place, however we hope that questions and problems of today's charity that we will conquer together, will recover those expenses.

Therefore, a cost of conference participation for one person is 3100 USD, which will cover living expenses in luxury resort facility, delicious meals from exclusive Russian and Ukrainian chefs, banquet at opening and closing ceremony, meals during the tours, tours themselves, transport accommodations, and last but not least - A significant input in support of the best charity project selected by conference participants.

For instructions on how to submit a project for grant selection please e-mail: The deadline for project submission is June 1st, 2008.

All other inquiries, including conference participation, are to be submitted via e-mail: The deadline for conference sign-up is June 10th 2008.

Donations for conference organization and in order to purchase participation ticket in the event funds can be transferred via wire transfer. Below are the instructions:

Recipient: BF "Dniprovskiy svitoch"


Address of bank of recipient: DNEPROPETROVSK , UKRAINE

accounts of recipient: 26002050203449


bank accounts correspondent: 001-1-000080

Address of bank of correspondent: 7th flor BROOKLIN, NEW YORK 11245 USA

Purpose of payment: charitable help

Conference official program and official invitation and ticket will be sent separately.

All questions and inquires are to be submitted via e-mail: or by phone:

Event Director Natalia V. Emtceva +38-056-375-51-97

Assistant Director Olexiy Y. Sadovnyk , +380-67-562-8297

Official representative in the United States(Oak Creek, Wi): Rod A Sadnyk: 414-793-08-24,

Info -Official sait about town Dnipropetrovsk -

With Gratitude,

Dniprovskiy Svitoch Director

Natalia Bridun,+38-056-375-51-97,785-92-75,


Charity Organization "Dniprovkskiy Svitoch" has opened a food pantry for homeless children at the local cafe of Dnepropetrovsk. Hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. until 9 p.m. everyday, except for Saturday and Sunday. You can read more about the food pantry in the local newspaper"Dnepr EVENING" from 12.11.2006.Video report made by Channel 9 News about the opening can be viewedHERE(614Kb)

Hot feed for homeless children

Holiday for homeless children

Present for homeless children


In March in guests in Fund the group of children of Raevskoy of boarding-school arrived from Sinel'nikovo. A fund organized for them an excursion on a city, in the house-museum of Yavornitskogo and Diorama «Battle for Dnepr». Breakfasted and dined children in Point of hot feed for poor and homeless children at a cafe «PAMPUSHKA», that on the street of CHERNISHEVSKOGO,1b. In Point basic visitors are children of schools of Dniproprtrovsk of district which Zhovtnevyy an executive committee gives out the coupons of Fund on the feed of poor children. On the end of May an executive committee and Fund planned conducting of large-scale action, devoted Day of child – festive dinner will be organized more, than for 40 children of district, a clown Gosha is invited, distribution of gifts and clothes by the given firm «Ruler». We ask attention public and to such moments of work of Fund, as having a special purpose charity – Fund prepares having many the children family to purchase a sewing machine, and also facilities are needed on treatment of two sick children, deprived parents as a result of accident. Details on a site or on phone: +38-056-375-51-97 If you had a desire to help these children, but you do not have time or desire to go to the bank or to us in an office, you can carry out offering straight from our site, by a plastic card. Thank you, ring and come to us!

Help me...

Dnepropetrovsk charity organization "Dniprovskiy Svitoch" addresses you, with a request to show kindness and mercy to the poor and disabled people of Dnepropetrovsk region.

Our staff is asking you to take part in a charitable program of our organization that includes running a food pantry, that provides free food for homeless and underprivileged children, also construction of a sleep shelter for people of Dnepropetrovsk who are without a place of residence.

Below you can find a brief extract of our activity plan.

In connection with a long term of our projects, we hope that funds or food, clothes, other belongings that you may find possible to provide for charity, be donated on a monthly basis. This will allow us to operate food pantry without any interruption and accumulate the needed sum for shelter construction. Also we would like to remind you that donated funds are tax free. If donation amount does not exceed 5% of income, it relates to the gross expenditures of enterprise.

This is our children!

With respect and thanks,

Organization Director                                          N.Bridun

*                     *                    *

C.O. “Dniprovskiy Svitoch”
__________ Sadovnyk A.Yu
(Protocol m15 from 05.01.2012

Brief work plan summary of “Dniprovskiy Svitoch” for 2012.

Project name and description
Time frame, deadlines
Monthly a free food pantry for homeless and underprivileged children
30-45 people/day. Everyday cost 50-100 usd
Shelter construction for homeless people
Decmeber 2009(project)
Decmeber 2011(construction start up)
December 2015 Opening
Seating -50 capacity
Help of any kind for low income people
All sorts of help and support
Help with first aid and food supplies for boarding schools, juvenile shelters, hospitals.
Only in a supply form

Director                                          N.Bridun


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